Top 7 Best Methods How To Purify Water 2020

Do you want to know how to purify water? Before that, the question is why water needs to be purified.
What are the benefits of purifying water?
How important it is to drink purified water to keep your body healthy.?

If you are looking for answers to these questions then you have come to the right site. If you read this article you will find the method of water purification and the answers to your questions.

Why water should be purified before drinking?

We all know that another name of water is the life which means we cannot live without water so we need to take some precautions while drinking water to keep our body healthy. So if you don’t know how to purify water then read this article. 

From the beginning of civilization, people usually used river water for drinking. Now the situation is not the same as before because, with the progress of civilization, the amount of pollution in the water has been gradually increasing.

It is important to drink pure water to keep our body healthy. So in the article, we have discussed how to purify water in different ways.

Some Common Waterborne Diseases

The first reason to purify water is that we can avoid the diseases caused by water. There are some diseases that are spread by water. It is important for us to drink purified water to prevent all those diseases.

Some common waterborne disease are

  • Polio.
  • Malaria.
  • Cholera.
  • Dengue.
  • Scabies.
  • Typhoid.
  • Anaemia. etc.

So if you want to get rid of all these diseases, you should drink pure water.. Below we have discussed how to purify water in detail.

Water Purification Methods

1. Boiling

This process for purifying water is known to almost everyone. In this process, various contaminants can be removed from the water by boiling it at no cost.

It is mainly an ancient method is used in almost everyone’s home If you heat the water and it boils, the heat will kill the various virus bacteria in it, which means you will get clean water.

After boiling the water to 100 degrees keeps for a while then drink this purified water. It is one of the best process purify water at home without any cost.

Top 7 Methods How To Purify Water.

2. Distillation

Distillation is another process of purifying water. Distillation is the process of collecting the condensation from evaporated steam and it is the most effective way of ensuring that the water will be free of all impurities.

Because distillation is such an efficient process, it rids the water of essential minerals also as contaminants. These natural minerals are often supplemented just by adding them or by ensuring a mineral-rich diet. In this article how to purify water distillation is one of the methods to purify water.

3. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a process that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane to get rid of contaminants. Reverse Osmosis is a process that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane and removes contaminants and makes the water fresh.

Osmosis is a present process where a less concentrated solution, like freshwater, features a tendency to maneuver toward a more concentrated solution, like seawater.  In this article how to purify water,It is one of the processes that you can use for purifying water.

4. Use of Iodine

If you want to know which chemical is used for purify water? Iodine is a salt component that helps prevent thyroid problems but also used to purify water for various contamination. Iodine kills the bacteria viruses at a deep level and ensures the purity of water.

You can use Iodine tablet, crystal, liquid form to purify the water. It is very powerful so Pregnant women, children, and those with thyroid problems, iodine, or shellfish allergies should avoid using it.

Top 7 Methods How To Purify Water.

5. Use a Water Purifier

If you don;t have any idea how to purify water at home in less effort then Buying a water filter is a simple process that allows you to purify your water. If you want to know how to purify water without any hassle then you should definitely buy a water purifier. 

 A water purifier uses a multi-stage process that involves UV and UF filtration, carbon block, and more, that removes bacteria and other chemicals without losing its quality.

There are various types of electric water purifiers available in the market. If we want to know which is the best water purifiers in India then Check this article- Top 5 Best Water Purifiers In India.

Check: Best Water Purifiers In India

6. Water Chlorination

Use only when there is an emergency situation. The water is purified by adding 5% chlorine to the water. It can easily remove various bad ingredients and bacteria from the water.

This is an old process that used to happen a long time ago but water filters are still used more after the advent of water filters. In this article how to purify water, It is a water chlorination process that you can use for purifying water.

7. Solar Purification

In this article (how to purify water) It is an innovative process by which water can be filtered. Solar purification means ultraviolet rays.

With the help of this ultraviolet rate the water is purified from a variety of harmful germs and bacteria.  when conventional methods are not available. One way to disinfect water through solar purification is thru the utilization of plastic bottles and sunlight.

Remove labels from bottle  fill with water to about three quarters full, fill with water to the brim, cover, then lay it horizontally and expose to direct sunlight.


We hope you read today’s article and know Top 7 Methods How To Purify Water. All of the methods we discussed above today are capable of purifying water. You can use any one of these methods to purify water.

But now the easiest way to filter water easily without any effort is to use water filters. Currently, there are various companies making water filters in India.

I have already discussed Top 5 Best Water Purifiers In India. You can check this if you want. If you have any questions and suggestions regarding the topic or anything please leave a comment below.

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