IFB 20BC4 Microwave Full Latest Review (May 2021)

If you are wondering whether to buy an ifb 20bc4 microwave oven and confused about it is good or not then you are in the right place. Read the guide about IFB 20BC4 Microwave review 2021.

Nowadays people like to cook using gas as well as new modern technology like microwave oven, induction, etc. This is because these new electronic appliances are more efficient and save time.

Today we will review ifb 20bc4 microwave oven in detail.  In this age of modern technology whether everything is online so if you want to buy the best microwave online for your kitchen then read this article best microwave oven in India.

If you have limited usage like reheating, defrosting, etc then, solo microwaves are the right choice. These cost between Rs. 3000 – Rs. 8000. Also if you want to buy a high quality best microwave oven for the kitchen then you must buy any convection model.

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This IFB 20BC4 Microwave  Model is one of the best convection models in India. Today we will discuss all its features and specifications and why you should buy this mixer grinder. So read the article to know all the answers about this IFB 20BC4 Microwave Oven.

Why Choose IFB 20BC4 instead of others?

Convection oven technology uses a fan to force air movement and heat up the full interior of the microwave to cook food from the inside out. So, we use convection microwaves to bake and roast things perfectly.

Ifb 20bc4 microwave is one of those microwave models. You can cook spicy curries, warm up cold food, and more by using this convection microwave oven. The keep-warm feature of this microwave oven keeps your meals hot for up to 1 hour which one of the reasons you should buy it.

There are also more other features in this model like touch keypad, child lock, auto cooking, multi-stage cooking, and many more. If you want a microwave oven at an affordable price under rs 10000 then you can buy this convection microwave oven

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Features & Specifications

First of all, when you want to buy anything online you have a worry about the product may be good or not. The worry is natural. But If you want to buy one of the best microwave models then this ifb 20bc4 microwave is definitely the right choice for you.

Some of the important features of the model we listed below. Check all the features and then make your decision about buying this convection microwave oven.

Brand Value


  • Capacity means more space, more cooking. In this microwave oven, the capacity is 20 liter. This is suitable for you if you are a bachelor and also suitable for small families. You can  grilling, baking, reheating, defrosting for you and your family.


  • For quick-cooking and roasting the mixer grinder comes with 1200 watt power and Microwave Output watts 800. Its frequency is 2450 MHz. It comes with its powerful features which suits your cooking need.

Auto Cook

  • The auto ook feature is unique with this microwave. If you buy ifb 20bc4 microwave oven you will get auto cook options for cooking different types of meals. It has 71 standard menus. 

Multi-stage cooking

  • The multi-stage cooking feature is one of the best features of this microwave oven. 

Standard Menus:

  • The microwave is inbuilt with different Standard menus. 71 standard menus you will find with this microwave oven. You can cook various dishes by using the diiferent menus.

Express Cooking:

  • You can cook you delicious food by clicking the one touch button.

Power Saving

  • The voltage required for this microwave is 230 Volts. So that you can bake and roast with less energy and it also saves your time.


  • The microwave convection comes with warranty 1 year on machine + 3 years on Magnetron and Cavity.

Apart from these some other features like

  • 10 temperature levels,
  • Stainless steel cavity and LED display,
  • Keep Warm,
  • Sensor Malfunction Protection also with this microwave oven.

Inside The Box

If you buy this from amazon you will get

  • User manual,
  • warranty card,
  • starter kit,
  • 1 Daffodil with lid,
  • 1 measuring tumbler,
  • 2 idli stand,
  • 1 square cook N serve medium with lid 1500 ml,
  • 1 Roti crisper,
  • 1 ladle with this micowave oven.

IFB 20BC4 Microwave Oven Review

Here we talk about some pros and cons about IFB 20BC4 Microwave Oven. Check these Pros and Cons before buying it.

  • Auto Reheat.
  • Power Saving.
  • 71 Auto Cook Menu.
  • Multi-Stage Cooking.
  • Steam Clean features for removing grease.
  • Child lock for safety from children.
  • The baking experience could have been better.

How To Use

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • What is diffrence between 20bc3 & 20bc4?
  • It has more auto cook menus.
  • What is the maximum temperature in this microwave oven?
  • Maximum temperature is 200 and also preheat available.
  • Is it possible to set temperature manually?
  • Yes, in convection mode you can easily do this.
  • Front door are transference or not?
  • You can view food inside.
  • 5a or 15a plug in the oven?
  • 15a.
  • Does it has rotation cooking option?
  • Yes, it has.


I hope you like this article about the IFB 20BC4 Microwave review. My suggestion is if you want to buy a convection model which is the best for your kitchen and with a multi-cooking feature then this model for you. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic or anything else please comment below.

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